Summerworkshop with Master Yuantong Liu

Part 1: In the first 4 days we will practice, repeat and deepen the basics.

We will learn how to integrate our lower Dantian Qi in the practice of the basic methods of Zhineng Qigong. By using the waist as the main axis of all actions and by keeping the focus on the lower Dantian you will experience

good progress. The participants will be surprised how many practice levels are hidden e.g. in our beloved ‘Lift Qi up Pour Chi down Method.’ We will also discover how to take care of your ‘mind’ during the whole practice. It will be an eye-opener to practice the method with full integration of your mind. The effect will be a deep relaxation which is necessary for the activation of our self-healing capacity. In the evening, we will practice different healing methods.

The first 4 days are part of the Masterclass Level 1

The second 4-days: improve the basics (part 2)

After having practiced, repeated and deepened the basics we will continue this process. We will feel that the Qi flows deeper into your body. That will calm down your mind in a special way. During the second part of the workshop we will continue to focus on the activation of our Mingmen area and our lower Dantian Qi. We will also activate the main energy-points to stimulate the Qiflow even more. After we found the key to these old and well-hidden secrets we will quickly improve our Gongfu level. Blockages can disappear and our vitality level will increase. It’s commonly known that only with the practice of the first level we can completely dissolve all blockages in our body. In the second part, we will add the L-sitting method to our practice program. In the evening, we will practice different healing methods.


The Core Improvement Method will strengthen the spine, loosen the Mingmen area and activate our lower Dantian Qi.
Rolling the Spine will increase the Qiflow in our spine and all parts that are connected to our spine.
The Lift Chi up Pour Chi down Method is the most known method of Zhineng Qigong. You can practice this method on many different levels and it will be a pleasure for the students to discover the depth of each single movement.
The Standing Meditation is a very effective method to accumulate universal Qi into the body. We will practice this method every day to increase our Qi condition and to calm down our mind.
We will practice the Dantian Breathing every night to prepare for a deep sleep.
The Straight Leg (L-) sitting Method will be introduced in the last 4 days. This method can be practiced on different levels. We use different technics such as physical movement, stretching and sound. The goal is to open the lower back and gather Qi in Mingmen. This method can improve your inner Gongfu level in a special way.


During the whole process, Master Yuantong Liu will share his life stories with the group to give you a better understanding how to integrate the theory into your daily life. Master Yuantong Liu grew up in a small village in China. Very young he started to practice Qigong. Later he heard about the Huaxia Center and his dream was to become a Zhineng Qigong teacher. After some years, he managed to participate in the Teacher Training in the Huaxia Center. There he studied the Hunyuan Qi theory developed by Grandmaster Pang Ming. He also gave lectures to thousands of people in the Huaxia Center. He lived and worked in the Center for many years. After the Center had been closed he and his wife moved to Meishan where they set up the Life Qi Center.

In 2009 Master Yuantong Liu and Anne Hering met in Meishan and since then they are working together. They organized many events together and Master Yuantong Liu gives the 3-year Masterclass Program for the Zhigong Institute Europe. Due to his special way of teaching and his profound knowledge about Zhineng Qigong Science he is a loved teacher in Europe and the rest of the world. He also has a big community of students in the USA where they publish the worldwide magazine about Zhineng Qigong. In his lectures, he combines the theory and practice of Zhineng Qigong Science in a unique way.

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