Life Purpose workshop - The New Tantra Step 7 Holland

Life Purpose workshop - The New Tantra Step 7
Led by Brian Thordal (aka Dexter)

Starts Friday, 26th October 2018 at 11 a.m.
Ends: Thursday, 1st November 2018 at 4 pm
Price: 1150 € – including course, material, food and lodging

Location : De Bunker Creatief Centrum, Nieuwe Waalreseweg 189 Valkenswaard,

Holland (20 km from Airport Eindhoven, Cheap flight: Ryanair)

Prerequisite: Sexual deconditioning Level 1 workshop with The New Tantra, or by individual approval.

Are you ready to step into your life and live it to your full potential, serving the world the best way possible and make a living of it?

Welcome to Step 7, a deep meditation experience that is a cornerstone of many traditional paths: the Dark Retreat.

Find clarity during this 7-day retreat in a quiet and dark bunker.
– 5 days in the darkness: no communication, no distractions, one meal a day… Sounds like hell? This might be the most rewarding vacation of your life.
– 1,5 day after-darkness workshop; where you work in groups, with buddies and on your own, defining and planning how to live your life’s purpose.

The best version of you:
When you get more clarity on your ego, you will also start to see the needs of the world and the people around you with more clarity. What matters then, is stepping up to the best version of yourself. This course offers you the chance to raise your level of awareness. By meditating deeply on your life’s purpose you’ll gain an understanding of how to make a difference with your competences and abilities.

Finding clarity in the dark:
When you surrender to the darkness, your levels of theta brainwaves will rise and you’ll become hyper sharp. You will for example be able to recall childhood moments in intricate detail, like how it felt to ride to school, remembering every turn and twist in the path. With this clarity of mind, you can focus on the question: “What am I here for… including earning a living?” Your monkey mind quietens and spirit will come through in the form of intuition. Based on true inspiration, you can use your working mind to start manifesting your life’s purpose.

On the first day you’ll be prepared for your time in the bunker with theory and methods. You’ll get a summary on how to pray and meditate. You’ll be guided on how to set a clear intention for your process to get you started in the right direction before the lights are turned off.

On day 6 you are slowly led out of the darkness and integrated back into light. When we’re used to the daylight again, we gather in a circle where all participants share their insights. The wisdom of the circle will be used to give you feedback on your ideas and support your work. We’ll train you in tools and practical steps on how to implement your vision into a business model. Together with the group you’ll put your business plan into an action plan.

For a full detailed description of the whole process in the dark, read more here:

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Nieuwe Waalreseweg 189, 5552 EJ
26 Oktober , Vrijdag 11:00

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