Incendiary - Coldburn - Run Like Hell | NC Showcase

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Formed in 2007, this New York-based formation has always been a band out of time. After releasing a series of splits and full lengths such as ‘Crusade’ (2009) and ‘Cost of Living’ (2013) Incendiary entered Graphic Nature Audio with renowned

producer Will Putney (Every Time I Die, The Acacia Strain). The result 'Thousand Mile Stare’ sounds urgent and relevant. The songs are anthems of sorrow but also dissent, all weaved into one devastating collection.

This hardcore band from Leipzig, Germany was formed in 2009. After releasing a full length in 2015 the band proudly presents their newest EP 'Skulls'. Their sound can be described as: the old school way of dark and heavy hardcore in a modern habit, influenced by bands such as No Warning and Terror.

Run Like Hell
These Dutch guys know how to provide raw, groovy, oldschool hardcore with love, passion, honesty and a lot of anger. Energetic performances are combined with serious lyrics with topics such as violence, religion and animal welfare.

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Noordendijk 148, 3311 RR
25 Maart , Zondag 19:00

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