Hoempa Trash & HALA & DJ Captain Spank

Saturday, April 7, € 8

HALA is a newly emerged band that mixes nationality and style. The band-name ‘HALA’, taken from the initials of the four members, also happens to be the Turkish word for “aunt” - a weird and coincidental fact that somehow fits the music perfectly. Their dynamic style dances

over an underlying jazz basis, which it at times abruptly abandones for seamless transitions into elements of pop, rock and ambient. From melodic harmony to cacophonous outbursts, HALA will leave the listener speechless.

Will convince you that your sweaty armpits aren't sweaty armpits at all, that you have a third eye somewhere, your legs will move while your brain gives other orders and maybe you'll get an out of body experience. Hoempa Trash is the undisputed specialist of the whimsical personality. Shamelessly tacks genre on genre, from emotion to decibel, every note a different pleasure.

Beats you with dancable beats, from Ska to ElectroSwing, from Rockabilly to Happy Funny tunes. Dance your ass off or he'll spank you!

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Distelweg 83, 1031HD
07 April , Zaterdag 22:00

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