Early Career Researchers' Conference (Architectural And Environmental Design)

The AED is created to be a platform for all early career researchers, practitioners and students from all around the world, helping them to share ideas, and to expand networks for scholars.

AED is an international conference that focuses on Sustainability and how it is approached by Architectural and

Environmental Designs. AED engages with real life problems that affect the buildings on all scales, cities, and environment where it also discusses the built environment, and the factors that assist in shaping the built environment and how it affects our lives and our activities. IEREK for International Experts for Research Enrichment and Knowledge Exchange welcomes the abstract submissions to our Early Career conference.

This conference will give early career researchers the chance to socialize, collaborate and communicate with others working in Architecture and Environmental Design. The conference will bring together participants to present and discuss their work and ideas in a welcoming interactive environment. Participants will receive feedback, new ideas, and will learn how to decisively develop their profiles to help with their career advancements, and with the chance of getting their papers

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18 Juli , Woensdag 10:00

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 01 Januari , Dinsdag
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 21 December , Vrijdag
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 22 December , Zaterdag
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